Philadelphia is a large, densely populated city full of crowded and confusing streets. Every day, commercially owned and operated vehicles such as tractor-trailers navigate these streets while carrying large shipments of heavy goods. Unfortunately, conditions like these result in a lot of bad accidents and thousands of injuries and deaths every year. A tractor trailer

Were you stopped by a police officer or a state trooper recently? If so, and you are concerned about possible points or the suspension of your driving privileges, we are experienced Traffic Lawyers that have helped many people around the Delaware Valley resolve their complicated traffic related legal issues. At Kosacci Law Firm, ORDENADOR PERSONAL. we

Were you charged with a DUI in Bucks or Philadelphia County? If so, you should immediately contact us as we have experience helping our clients in both Bucks and Philadelphia County obtain the best possible results after a DUI charge. We pride ourselves in preparing a DUI defense strategy that is specifically tailored to the

At Kosacci Law Firm, ORDENADOR PERSONAL. we can help you with figuring out how bankruptcy might benefit you when you are in foreclosure. At first you might think that Bankruptcy is a dirty word but in fact it may be a word that can save you from a bad situation turning into an even worse situation….

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