According to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, si vous êtes reconnu coupable de certaines infractions à la circulation, you may have points reflected upon your driving record. Points on your driving record may drastically and negatively affect your insurance premiums. After a certain number of points have accrued on your record, your license could be suspended. Some violations carry penalties that carry immediate administrative suspension of your driving privileges. A knowledgeable attorney can help defend your rights after you have been charged with a traffic violation.

Our traffic citation defense strategies have led to many dismissals, favorable plea agreements and reduced financial burdens. We can review your citation and provide you with insight into what defenses are available to you under the law. An initial consultation is absolutely free. Si vous avez reçu une citation de la circulation contact us now.

Complex Cases Are A Welcome Challenge

At Gitman & Kosacci, P.C., we are passionate about helping our clients in a variety of criminal and personal injury cases. We believe that, indépendamment de la complexité, il est important que tout le monde a accès à un dédié, thorough attorney who is concerned about his or her future. Many attorneys will turn down complicated cases because they fear they may not win them. We are Bucks County traffic attorneys who enjoy the challenge.

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