Accidents involving trucks are often more complex than other types of vehicle accidents. With their large size, truck accidents can often have a larger impact than those involving smaller vehicles. Additionally, trucks are governed by more laws and regulations. Immediately after an accident, an investigation must be performed to check whether any truck violations of law or regulations may have been a contributing factor in your motor vehicle accident.

Au cabinet d'avocats Kosacci, P.C., our Bucks County truck accident attorneys are dedicated to uncovering the details after a truck accident of any size. Our attorney’s have more than 10 years of experience working through even the most minor of details after an accident, in an effort to procure the best possible results in a personal injury claim.

By honing in on the specifics, we are able to take on cases and achieve success where other law firms may have fallen short. We relish the opportunity to work with complex cases because we believe everyone should have access to a professional, thorough Levittown truck injury attorney after experiencing a collision.

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Bucks County is situated right in the middle of Pennsylvania accident territory. Notre bureau est situé à quelques minutes de la Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-95 et de la route 1 and Roosevelt Boulevard — a road with the highest rate of accidents in the country.

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