In an accident, as a pedestrian, you are lacking the protection of a vehicle. With the advancement of technology, drivers are inundated with distractions, which often lead to devastating, if not fatal, pedestrian or bicycle injuries.

At our Pennsylvania firm, the Kosacci Law Firm, ПК. we are committed to reducing your burden by taking on your pedestrian or bike injury claim while you focus on healing.

Our attorney’s have more than a decade of experience documenting and investigating even the minutest details surrounding accidents that involve pedestrians or bicycles. As Bucks County pedestrian accident attorneys, we draw on that experience with accident investigation to get the best possible results for our clients who have sustained a personal injury as a result of a pedestrian accident.

If your accident was a hit-and-run, you could be entitled to recovery under the Pennsylvania Assigned Claims Plan.

A detailed Bensalem bicycle accidents attorney is necessary in the pursuit of the best possible outcome. By choosing a thorough lawyer, you are working to ensure that every aspect of your accident is being explored, increasing your chances for the best possible recovery.

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Bucks County is situated right in the middle of Pennsylvania accident territory. Our office is located minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Я-95 и Рут 1 and Roosevelt Boulevard — a road with the highest rate of accidents in the country.

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