Fortunately for some, not all accidents result in personal injury. They may, Однако, lead to property damage.

If you do not have collision insurance coverage, we can help you file your property damage claim. Many people believe that in order to make a claim with their insurance company, they must have sustained some kind of personal injury. К счастью, this is not true. В Kosacci ЮФ, ПК., our team can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your claim. Even if you have experienced a denied claim, contact me now.

It is important that you contact a Feasterville auto collision attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

At our Bucks County injury law firm, we are dedicated to uncovering the details. As former accident investigators and photographers, our attorney’s have more than a decade of experience documenting and investigating the details involving a wide variety of car accidents — including those that do not involve injuries.

As Bucks County property damage attorneys, we use these skills to build a claim for our clients so that they may obtain the most favorable results.

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Due to high congestion and rapid population expansion, Bucks County is situated amongst many of Pennsylvania’s most heavily used roads, and unfortunately, this means that accidents are a common occurrence. Our office is located minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-95,Route 1 и Рузвельт бульвар. Если вы или близкий человек испытал аварии, важно, что вы называете авторитетных адвоката, который может помочь.

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