When your accident involves a driver who is underinsured or uninsured or has fled the scene you may think that your chances for recovery are limited or eliminated. К счастью, you may have coverage under your own insurance policy that will enable you to recover, despite the inadequacy in insurance coverage of the driver at fault for your accident. You may even be entitled to coverage under the Pennsylvania Assigned Claims Plan. Complex cases involving uninsured, underinsured or an at-fault driver that fled the scene are a common occurrence.

К счастью, all hope for an adequate recovery is not lost. We have helped many clients achieve the recovery they need to get on with their life after an accident, despite inadequacy in the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. Put our knowledge of uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage to work for you.

At our Pennsylvania firm, the Kosacci Law Firm, ПК. we are passionate about helping our clients achieve the best possible results in an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist. As a former accident investigator, our attorney’s have more than a decade of experience delving deep into the details of personal injury claims. This gives us the edge a lawyer needs when working with your insurance company after you have been involved in an accident with someone who does not have adequate insurance coverage.

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Due to high congestion and rapid population expansion, Bucks County is situated amongst many of Pennsylvania’s most heavily used roads, and unfortunately, this means that accidents are a common occurrence. My office is located minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-95,Route 1 и Рузвельт бульвар. Если вы или близкий человек испытал аварии, важно, что вы называете авторитетных адвоката, который может помочь.

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