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  • Attorney Emanuel Kosacci helped me with a traffic ticket I received. Thanks to him I got no points!!!! Highly recommend hiring him!!!!
  • He is very good at what he does! He is extremely polite and very professional! He made the experience very calming! I am thankful for the service he provided! I highly recommend him!
  • Mr. Kosacci are an excellent Attorneys!!! I found them to be very respectful, patient, highly knowledgable, professional and trustworthy. I appreciate all that they did on my behalf. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that I know that needs legal help.
  • Emanuel was very helpful in my accident case. He was easy to work with. Results exceeded expectation.
  • Mr. Emanuel Kosacci Esq. is an outstanding Lawyer. I would retain and recommend him anytime! He was very courteous and professional. I was charged with Reckless Driving in PA, which carries a six month suspension. Mr. Kosacci Esq. advised me that the state's own evidence (police statement) was inconsistent with the legal definition of the charge I was alleged to have commited. The state offered a plea to reduce my charge to careless driving. Emanuel advised me that the plea deal was actually what I should have been given in the first place. Thus, their "deal" was actually no deal at all. Armed with this information, he offered the options of accepting the plea or taking the ticket to trial. Emanuel also advised me that we had a good chance of getting a much better outcome than the deal they offered. He also fairly warned me that in the slim chance we lost, the reckless driving charge would stick, but we could immediately appeal and I would still be allowed to drive. Knowing this, we decided to proceeded with the calculated risk of going to trial. In the trial, Emanuel brought to light the fact that the officer/witness statement was inconsistent with the charge written. The officer testifying stated that the "good judgement" of the officer at the scene indicated that she felt I had committed that act. However, he stood his ground and recited from memory the legal definition and the fact the the state had no proof I acted premeditated reckless manner. In fact all they could repeatedly state was that I was allegedly speeding in a reckless manner. Since the state could NOT prove the charge they brought against me, my case ended up being reduced to $150 court costs and ZERO POINTS!!! I was very pleased with the outcome. It was very fair. I paid my fine for speeding but received zero points that could effect my insurance premiums. Retain Emanuel if you want to be professionally represented by knowledgeable counsel. Rob i.
  • Very good lawyer, helped a lot when i was in a tough situation.
  • Emanuel Kosacci is very knowledgeable and personable. He has your best interest at heart. I highly recommend him as an attorney.
  • I have gotten to know Emanuel as a collegue and give my highest endorsement to him. He is both a fierce advocate and a compassionate counselor who maintains the highest level of integrity in his practice. I routinely recommend Emanuel to my clients and would have no hesitation using him myself.
  • I highly recommend Emanuel Kosacci to represent anyone in need He took care of two cases for me and they both resulted I being dismissed and one of my cases carried jail time. I was very pleased with his service and will use him again For any traffic court case I ever have. Thanks Emanuel Kosacci Rainell Harrell
  • Very talented attorney. Emanuel is very knowledgeable in various aspects of law. His ideas and inputs are very helpful. Emanuel, along with his staff, are very helpful and courteous. Timely responses and accurate and favorable results.
  • Emanuel Kosacci helped me get a great result when I was in a car accident. Very good lawyer, would highly recommend
  • Mr. Kosacci was very professional when I explained my situation. I had received two unwarranted tickets in West Philadelphia on my way home one late night. One of the tickets held a suspended license and both tickets together totaled 6 points. With representation from the Kosacci Law Firm, P.C., the ticket that would have resulted in a suspended license was thrown out and the other reduced to a no-points, low fine offense. I hope to never have this problem again but if I do, I know who to call!
  • I am very satisfied with Mr. Emanuel Kosacci services. Mr. Kosacci returned my initial call in a timely manner and was more than willing to discuss my case with me over the phone. He is a great listener and communicator as I left the conversation confident of my options. In the end, Mr. Kosacci was able to do much more than I could ever imagine, he saved me hundreds in fines and court fees. Highly recommended!
  • On a sunny day, I was backing out of my friend's driveway as usual very cautiously and slowly. Instead, my car suddenly accelerated and hit a van parked on the street. The impact caused the rear bumper to fall off. Before I realized what had happened, my car started moving forward through the driveway and front lawn, and came to a full stop after hitting the corner of the neighbor's house. This was happening in front of my friend who came out of the house and wanted to see us off. She looked terrified. It was a harrowing moment of about 10 seconds that my wife and children in the back seat went through. Even though I was aware, there was no time for me to even think and put the gear in neutral. I received a careless driving charge from the local police. My vehicle was a total loss. We survived with minor scrapes, but was very shaken. I had read about sudden acceleration earlier, but never realized this could happen to anybody who, nonetheless, is a careful and responsible driver. Besides, who would want to be a careless driver in the neighborhood of a family friend? I was lucky not to have hit a child or another living being who could have been outside at that time. The van and the neighbor's house absorbed the impact and stopped my vehicle to go further. Mr. Kosaccitook my case, believed in me, and helped me through the case in determing veracity of the case and what options we had. After the report by an expert engineer was produced at the court, the judge dismissed the entire careless driving charge. Mr. Kosacci is a competent attorney, very open about the merits of the case, and looks only after the best interest of his client. I recommend him without any reservation in similar cases. The total expense to get through this incident was not miniscule, but it was well worth the cost. Wish another driver doesn't have to go through such accident. I would take his expert legal advice and representation again, if I ever need it. Thank you, Emanuel.
  • Mr. Kosacci provided me with concise and understandable information on my specific concern in a very timely manner.
  • I turned to Mr Kosacci to handle my several cases, and was always impressed with how thorough, knowledgeable and sharp he was. I recommended Mr Kosacci to all my friends who needed an attorney’s help, and I heard they were happy with the services they have received
  • Without the help of Emanuel and Emanuel I wouldn't have been able to resolve my issues on my own. They tackled the problem from a legal standpoint for which I'm very thankful for. It doesn't matter if one has questions or legal problems, give them a call... You will not be disappointed. I recommend them to all my friends and familly.
  • In his professional relations with me as a client, I found Emanuel Kosacci to be not only a highly competent attorney, but also a very compassionate and kind individual, who mastered the skill of listening and getting to the heart of the legal issue, isolating facts that are most important to the client in the case and focusing on finding the most optimal and efficient legal solution. Should necessity arise, I would recommend Mr. Kosacci and his law firm to my friends. Alan Gomelsky, CEO ABC Pediatric Home Health Care
  • Very professional and knowledgeable attorney. Others I have dealt with talk talk talk but rarely get anything meaningful done - This guy gets results! The only lawyer I go to now.
  • I was very well prepared for my day in court by Eugene and this made me feel much more confident and comfortable about the whole experience. I really appreciated the results too!
  • I highly recommend Mr.Kosacci to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and is fully dedicated to his clients. Mr.Kosacci always has his clients best interest in mind.
  • Emanuel was GREAT! recommend him to anyone.
  • Considering how much I was quoted by several others, I couldn't have be happier with results and price. Also, like others say, they return phone call and answers questions like a true professionals should.
  • Awesome job! I wasn't guilty and my driving record shows it thanks to these guys. Really easy to work with and always returned calls, which was never really an issue, since Emanuel gave me his cell phone number. I love knowing I can always reach my attorney.
  • I hired Emanuel to help me with a traffic court appeal and he got a great result. I couldn't be happier.
  • Hired Emanuel to take care of my drivers license, which was suspended for 2 years. Got me back on the road and he even helped me clean up my driving record, so that my insurance premiums arent too high. So glad to be back on the road again, all thanks to Emanuel Kosacci!
  • We were involved in a car accident last year. We weren't sure where to turn for medical treatment. While other attorneys turned our case away because we had limited tort, Eugene fought until the end and got us a very good result.
  • Emanuel Kosacci is a great lawyer who works very hard to get what you deserve. Very professional and easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!!
  • Emanuelwas extremely professional in handling my car accident case. He helped me get everything straightened out, handled all the paperwork and made sure that I received no points on my license. He is a great lawyer, and I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Highly professional attorney. Will recommend
  • very satisfied with the results and the process.
  • I highly recommend this law office! I was having a problem with different attorney that was handling my case. He was doing what felt like nothing to help me in a timely manner. I was referred to the Law Offices of Emanuel Kosacci. I was provided a FREE consultation (which was surprising to me). They sent a letter to the other attorney on my behalf, all the sudden, my case was resolved quickly! It was amazing what the work of an attorney who actually cared about my case resulted in. Thank you again, Mr. Kosacci! I will be a return customer if I have ANY other legal issues!
  • I will definitely be using Emanuel Kosacci again in the future. He was everything you need in an attorney, courteous, understanding, clear and concise, and most importantly he promptly resolved the matter I needed handled.
  • My grandfather was injured at home due to a fall, and was placed in a nursing facility. Our family was concerned with managing his finances and estate. We had many questions related to real estate, taxes, and overall estate management. I contacted this law firm based on a recommendation from a colleague. I was extremely satisfied with the level of knowledge, expertise, and willingness to assist us in our quest to find answers. So much so, that I was compelled to tell you about our experience! Great job guys! AAAA++++
  • The reason is because he had my case dismissed. He came in prepared with all the information and the judge had no other choice but to dismiss all of my violations. They were serious ones. All went well and I would use him again if my driver gets into trouble again....Thank You Mr. Kosacci
  • Emanuel's professionalism and expertise greatly helped my wife and I collect debt from out tenants who decided to break contract shortly after moving in so they could buy a new house. With the shocking results of the initial trial (as this was a clear breach of contract), Emanuel won the appeal for us. Without his help we would have been out a great deal of money. We highly recommend Eugene's services and would definitely use them again if an issue arose.
  • It was a very pleasant experience. Very happy with attorney, solved all my problems.
  • I would highly recommend Eugene he really focuses on his clients and give them the time they need.
  • A professional knowledgeable Lawyer, I am a truck driver I got a ticket. Kosacci selves my ticket issue very easy with reasonable price I got so happy from him and his professional. Office worker. He is the best lawyer I have ever seen.
  • Professional, proactive, and proficient are words that only scratch the surface when it comes to Emanuel Kosacci's service. First and foremost he is caring and sympathetic to your immediate needs and when push comes to shove you want him in your corner, hands down!!! I have nothing but the highest reguard when it comes to this man and I HIGHLY recommend him for your legal representation!!!


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