Are you currently in Foreclosure? Did you receive a notice from your lender that they will be filing for foreclosure? Worried about losing your home?

Our experienced real estate attorneys will counsel you on how best to defend yourself from overzealous lenders. The sooner we are involved in your matter, the better the outcome we can achieve for you. There are many programs that we can invoke that will allow you time to save your home and possibly lower your monthly payment in the process.

While there are many defenses that may be available to you, you should also be aware that the lender that originally gave you the mortgage is likely not the current owner of the loan, even if you continue to receive bills from the original lender. The reason behind this is that most loans are packaged and sold on the financial market to investors who have little or no connection to the bank or lender that originally gave you the loan. We can unravel the web and provide you a defense against the foreclosure complaint.

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