Do you need help getting your finances back on track? Do you feel overwhelmed by bills and debt? Is your financial distress making it difficult to concentrate on other things in your life?

At theKosacci Law Firm, P.C. we work with people and small businesses to find debt relief and mortgage solutions that give them financial breathing room to make a fresh start.

If you wish to file for Chapter 7, the following categories may be released from your debt:

  • credit card charges (including overdue and late fees)
  • collection agency accounts
  • medical bills
  • personal loans from friends, family, and employers
  • utility bills (past due amounts only)
  • dishonored checks (unless based on fraud)
  • student loans (only in a few rare circumstances)
  • repossession deficiency balances
  • auto accident claims (except those involving drunk driving)
  • business debts
  • money owed under lease agreements (includes past due rent)
  • civil court judgments (unless based on fraud)
  • tax penalties and unpaid taxes past a certain number of years
  • attorney fees (except child support and alimony awards)
  • revolving charge accounts (except extended payment charges)
  • social security over payments, and
  • veterans assistance loans and over-payments.

To discuss your debt relief options contact us, to discuss your Chapter 7 options with an experienced Chapter 7 attorney that will provide you with a free consultation. Our firm has helped thousands of people obtain debt relief. We can help you.