As a Commercial Driver’s License holder, you cannot afford a commercial vehicle violation that threatens your driving history. Pursuant to Chapter 49 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, if you are convicted of certain moving violations, you may have points reflected upon your driving record. Violations of this nature are a threat to your livelihood. Many transportation companies will not hire commercial drivers with tainted driving histories, because it exposes them to increased liability and insurance premiums. To make matters worse, some of the Pennsylvania violations applicable to commercial vehicle operators can carry limitless fines, such as those applicable to limitations on load weight over bridges.

Even if you are an out-of-state commercial operator, violations from Pennsylvania are likely to transfer to your state by way of the Interstate Driver License Compact. Accordingly, cases involving out-of-state commercial operators that receive traffic citations within Pennsylvania are strongly encouraged to contact us for a free initial consultation, as we have the necessary experience to advise you of the implications you may be facing as a result of a commercial traffic violation conviction within Pennsylvania. In many cases, while a violation may be considered a “no points, non-moving violation” within Pennsylvania, the state in which you hold your Commercial Driver’s License will treat it as a points bearing citation that may even result in a suspension of your driving privileges.

Do not take chances with your livelihood. Our commercial citation/ violation defense strategies have led to many dismissals, favorable plea agreements and reduced financial burdens. We can review your citation and provide you with insight into the defenses that are available to you under the law. An initial consultation is absolutely free. If you have received a commercial traffic citation contact us now.