Emanuel Kosacci successfully obtained a favorable decision granting immigration asylum for a Russian census worker who was outspoken about her opposition to fraudulent election practices in Russia. The census worker had expressed disagreement and frustration about methods used to count population and the resulting impact in Russian presidential elections. The worker was part of the 2010 Russian census and was forced to count deceased individuals and others who were not present for purposes of inflating the population and potential voters for the party in power. When reporting instances of fraud to her supervisors the census worker was advised to keep quiet and mind her own business. Later, after being physically threatened the worker went to police to report the incidents, but her complaint was ignored. Subsequently, the worker begins noticing police cars circling her home and following her on the streets.

These incidents made it possible for Emanuel Kosacci to successfully argue for a grant of asylum for the census worker. A timely asylum petition was filed and an asylum interview was conducted in Elizabeth, New Jersey where the asylum officer did not find sufficient reason to grant asylum. The matter was then transferred to the Philadelphia Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), where Emanuel Kosacci presented all the facts combined with the asylee’s fear of returning to Russia as part of his argument to the Immigration Law Judge. The Judge ruled in Emanuel Kosacci’s favor. Obtaining a favorable decision in an asylum case is rare, but even more significant given the facts of this matter. We welcome complicated immigration cases and have a proven track record of success. Contact us now for a free initial consultation.


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