As an experienced Philadelphia driver license restoration attorney, I helped many of my Philadelphia clients restore their driving privileges. While the complexity of driver license restoration in Pennsylvania varies greatly from case to case and county to county, the process I follow in evaluating the likelihood of successful Driver License Restoration is fairly standard.

As part of my free initial assessment, I obtain your Driver License Restoration requirements letter from PennDot. During my free initial consultation, I will obtain pertinent information that will enable me to obtain your drivers license restoration requirements letter. The drivers license restoration requirements letter will tell me which citations are causing your drivers license to be suspended. The fact that you may not know which citations are causing your drivers license to be suspended is very useful information, because the fact that you do not know tells me that you may have never been put on notice of the suspension and this may be a basis to challenge the suspension on appeal.

Once I know which citations are causing the suspension of your driving privileges, I will evaluate whether or not you have an adequate basis to appeal the citation. Generally, you may appeal any vehicle violation within thirty (30) days of conviction. Cases become more complicated; however, if you intend to appeal after the thirty (30) day period has lapsed. After the thirty (30) day appeal window has closed, your only option will be to file an untimely appeal. The court must approve any untimely appeal and you must have a good reason why you did not file your appeal in a timely manner. During my free initial consultation, I will advise you if you have a good basis to pursue an untimely appeal.

Assuming that your appeal is timely; however, we can arrange for you to retain your driver’s license while your appeal is pending. Most of our client find this very helpful, as often an appeal can take several months to resolve and retaining the ability to drive throughout the process is understandably essential. If the appeal is untimely, you may still be able to retain your driver’s license; however, this option is only available in very limited cases.

Allow me to provide you with a thorough assessment of your driver’s license restoration requirements letter and provide you with a free initial consultation on what I can do to help you retain or restore your Pennsylvania driving privileges. Contact me now to obtain all of these free benefits.

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